Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Telegram Channels for UPSC Preparation [latest] [2018]

Telegram Channels for UPSC 

Hello friend so today we decided to share the list of best Telegram channels for UPSC Preperations. We worked hard to collect this list Telegram Channels for UPSC Preparation. All these telegram channels are active and it will help you to prepare for your UPSC Exams.

Telegram channels for UPSC preparation

So here is the list of  Telegram Channelst that i found for  UPSC preparation in hindi. If you know any other groups or channels then please use comment section to share your group so i can add it in my list or you can go to Contact Us page to share your Upsc telegram channels.

Small difference between telegram and whatsapp is that in telgram there are giant groups which can contain upto 10000 members and telegram is more secure than whatsapp. Telegram also include channel which is a new feature which is not available in whatsapp.

So now let's see the list UPSC telegram channels..

1-https://telegram.me/iasips [Channel for Upsc preparation]

2-https://t.me/parivarthanias[Daily Rajya sabha updates,mcq qizes,question paper etc.]

  1. https://Telegram.me/UpscMaterials
  2. https://Telegram.me/UpscTestSeries
  3. https://Telegram.me/ProjectUpsc_VKR
  4. https://telegram.me/shashidthakur23
  5. https://Telegram.me/NCERT
  6. https://Telegram.me/APPSC [For Andhra Pradesh PSC Materials Only]
  7. https://t.me/RAS_MAINS  For Rajasthan PSC exam
  8. https://t.me/MPSCMaterial MPSC and Hindi UPSC
  9. https://t.me/MissionM MPSC and Hindi UPSC

We are not affilated with any of the Upsc telegram channels which are given above. If you see any wrong post in above channels then please contact the admin of the respective channel we are not responsible for that.

Thank you

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